Adriano Leite Ribeiro " Adriano "

"Adriano Leite Ribeiro"
Adriano Biography - Preview - If we would look at soccer as a war, Adriano would definitely be part of the heavy armor division, having one of the deadliest cannons of a left foot on today's scene and being "armored" by a hard constitution and exceptional strength.
In the following paragraphs you'll get to read a short Adriano biography, dedicated to one of today’s most impressive strikers.
Although Adriano is a popular Brazilian name having representatives in several sports such as tennis or beach volley, nowadays, hearing this name immediately takes you to the footballer Adriano, currently playing for Inter Milan (another famous "Adriano" player is Sevilla FC's left winger, however he is usually referred to as Adriano Correia as the "brand" Adriano rightfully belongs to the Inter striker).
    Full name          :Adriano Leite Ribeiro
    Date of birth     :February 17, 1982
    Place of birth    :Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Height              :6.2 ft 1.89 m
    Playing position : Striker
He started out in the youth squad of Flamengo, where he was immediately deemed as a future star player, given his already impressive strength and shot power.
After grabbing a pro contract in 1999, he started seeing first-squad daylight soon, however he only played 19 matches for the Brazilian side, having scored 7 goals.
Despite not starting out with a blast, the Flamengo period cannot miss from any Adriano biography as it was those 2 years that put him up on the shelf for powerful European clubs to buy.
    Season          Club         Games      Goals
     2000          Flamengo      15(4)         7
     2001          Flamengo       0              0
     2001/02     Inter             (8)            1
                     Fiorentina      5(0)          6
     2002/03     Parma           6(2)          15
     2003/04     Parma           8(1)           8
                     Inter            13(3)          9
     2004/05     Inter            26(4)         16
     2005/06     Inter            27(3)         13
     2006/07     Inter             4(9)          5
Adriano Biography – Inter Milano - When being bought by Inter Milano, one of the most prestigious and powerful clubs Europe could boast with, the footballer Adriano was only 19 of age and ready to start his adventure. Most soccer players that would have made such a decisive switch as the Brazilian would need at least a couple of years to settle in Serie A; not Adriano though.
On his first match for Inter, in a friendly against Real Madrid on the Spaniards' home stadium, he was given the chance to play for the last 8 minutes. Obtaining a free kick, he grabbed the ball and charged up his shot, scoring an impressive power goal.
In 2001 however, he only played in 8 official games for Inter, having scored a single goal. As is the custom of Inter, a truly complex soccer machine, the young footballer Adriano was loaned out to Fiorentina for a short period of time, where he scored 6 goals in 15 matches, clearly improving his game and settl


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