Argentina Football

Idols like Maradona, Passarela, or Kempes, live long in the history of Argentina soccer fans, even decades after they're done with their career. Why? because in Argentina, soccer is part of the country's culture and just like in Brazil, it's almost a secondary religion. I'd like to dedicate this entire section to Argentinean soccer, as it is one of the most beautiful and passionate in the World and trust me; it holds some tales worth telling.
Despite the fact that the Argentina national team and the Argentinean championship had a small decline, they're back and stronger than ever. Argentinean club teams are amongst the strongest in the Americas and they're constantly battling Brazilian teams over supremacy on the continent.

The national team has a large pool of exceptional players, some of which are playing in the local Primera championship, others playing for big clubs in Europe. All in all, I'd say that in terms of soccer, Argentina has a bright future that will probably soon live up to its even brighter past.


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