English Football

There are few countries that can boast a level of competition as the one found in English soccer, as England has one of the most powerful championships in the World (some specialists even place it above the Italian Serie A or the Spanish La Liga), a strong, but often unlucky national team and above all, a long tradition and history with this sport.
English soccer also holds numerous "firsts", being considered the inventors of the sport, having the first soccer association (in 1863) and forming the first national squad (this record is shared with Scotland, since both countries debuted at the same time, in a match between the newly formed Scotland and England soccer teams).

have to admit, it's hard not to love and respect fans and players from England. Soccer in English teams is based on a perfect combination between public and players and it's quite a sight seeing a hard but fair tackle on the pitch translating into an echoing cheer from the stands. Some say that if you've never seen an English team play live, you couldn't have tasted what soccer really means.


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