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Eric Cantona Biography
One person seeing Eric Cantona play in a match will define him as charismatic, while a different supporter from an opposing stand will define him as a madman. The truth is that Cantona was a little bit of everything and his "madness" combined with his charm and of course, his impressive playing ability earned him a legendary status wherever he played. Let's take a look at how the Frenchman progressed throughout his career:
Eric Cantona Biography – Auxerre - Born in Marseille

Cantona always hoped he would play soccer for local giants Olympique, but since he did not get in their youth team, he was redirected to Auxerre. Auxerre's youth teams would be Cantona's home for 2 seasons, before being taken on to the first squad at age 18.
His promising future with the team was put on hold for a while, as he joined the military and carried out his national service for the entirety of 1984, losing crucial training periods that made him unusable for Auxerre next season.
Therefore, Eric Cantona was loaned to second division team FC Martigues, where he would play 15 matches, scoring his first professional goals. Returning to Auxerre in 1986, he would finally win his place in the first squad and during his next two seasons with the club, he managed to score 23 goals that brought him in the eyes of the team that he was a fan of in his childhood: Olympique Marseille.

Eric Cantona Biography – Olympique Marseille -

Unfortunately,Cantona's time at Marseille would not be without bumps. After just one season with the club, in which he scored only 5 goals, his coach decided to loan him out so he can get more playing experience.
Therefore he went on to Bordeaux on a loan transfer, where he would only play half of 1989's season, before being loaned to another French first division team, Montpellier. Returning to Marseille in 1990, Eric Cantona helped the club win their national title, but he was at odds with Coach Raymond Goethals and Chairman Bernard Tapie.
His difficult and often conflicting nature meant that he had to move from Marseille again, but this time on a transfer to Nimes instead of some short term loan option.
His temper didn't settle down here either: during a match, he threw a ball in anger towards the referee and when he was called up to a hearing committee to explain his actions. There, Cantona walked up to each of the comitee's members and called them "idiot" straight to the face, earning himself a 3-month ban from the pitch.


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