Famous Argentina Football Players

There's some unique chemistry between Latin peoples and soccer that can be proved best on Argentina soccer players. The fact that they share the same passion for soccer as Brazilians sparked a rivalry between the two countries that is now over a century old. But despite the fact that Brazil won more World Cups than its Latin rivals, Argentina football players always shone out of the crowd and some of the World's greatest players emerged from their ranks. I must admit I was quite impressed by the fact that Pele named 5 Argentine soccer players in his "Top 125 Footballers of All Times" list, knowing the Brazilian – Argentinean rivalry. Even more so, knowing that Pele always disputed the title of the best soccer player in the World with Diego Armando Maradona, I would have thought he held a grudge against all Argentina football players. Fortunately Pele kept his fair play even beyond the pitch, as he named 5 Argentine soccer players that have remained legendary in the history of Argentinean soccer and in the memories of the entire World. Here they are:(You can find more players from other nationalities at the Famous Soccer Players section). Alfredo DiStefano (1926) Alfredo DiStefano, or the Blonde Arrow as he was nicknamed by his fans, was always considered one class above most of his time's teammates and opponents. I'm pretty sure that he would do quite ok in today's soccer as well, since his physical prowess and high stamina would fit right in to today's playing style. Although he spent most of his career in Europe and had his career's apogee at Real Madrid, where he was one of the leading members of the dreamteam that dominated Europe and Spain in the 50s, he still remains an idol in the eyes of Argentinean fans. Daniel Passarela (1953) Most of the young and talented Argentinean football players usually start playing in Europe before having any real experience in their country's championships. This was not the case with Daniel Passarela, who spent most of his career playing for River Plate and despite his 6 years in Italy's Serie A, he is still considered legendary amongst River Plate and Argentinean fans. His national team career had ups and downs, his biggest "up" being, quite obviously, captaining Argentine to its first World Cup success in 1978 and lifting the trophy over his head. However, the following World Cups weren't very good for Passarela, who was sidelined by Argentine’s coach at their 1986 World Cup success. Although playing defender, Passarela had a scoring appetite and he held the record of "top scoring defender" for a long time with 134 goals in 451 matches Diego Maradona (1960) Argentinean soccer was well on its tracks when Maradona started his playing career, as his national country won the 1978 World Cup for the first time in its history. But it was Maradona who truly brought Argentina in the Hall of Fame, with his incredible goals and intoxicatingly beautiful dribbles. His 1986 World Cup goal against England (that spectacular 60 meter speed burst through 6-7 opponents) is commonly referred to as the "Goal of the Century" It doesn't even really matter who the best footballer of all times is; Maradona or Pele. All that remains are the Argentinean soccer player's World Cup goals, his spectacular career and ultimately, another World Cup trophy on the desk of Argentine's soccer. Gabriel Omar Batistuta (1969) Gabriel Batistuta had some huge shoes to fill when he was first selected for the Argentina squad, around the same time Maradona had retired. "Batigol" is still regarded as one of the best Argentine soccer players of all time. Batistuta spent most of his career playing for Fiorentina in Italy, at the end of his career becoming the eight top scorer of all times in the Italian league. His 56 goals in 78 matches for the Argentine national side also remains one of the highest goal/match ratios in the history of Argentinean soccer. Hernan Crespo (1975) Spending most of his career in the harsh, striker-unfriendly Italian Serie A championship, Hernan Crespo emerged as one of the top Argentinean football players of today. His physical strength, his appetite for goal, off-the-ball anticipation and ability to head earned him a place in Pele's Top 125 Soccer Players of All Times.


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