German Football

There's a rather weird contradiction between German soccer and its English counterpart. Despite the two countries being arch-rivals in the game for over a century, you cannot hold back from noticing the close resemblance between the two.
The soccer of Germany, as is the case with English one, is based on physical athleticism, pragmatism and well rounded tactics.
German soccer fans respect a good hard tackle almost as cheerfully as the English ones and it's no wonder that most of the national Germany soccer team’s heroes are either defenders, defensive midfielders or goalkeepers.
But leaving all theories aside, soccer in Germany has a lot of stuff that makes it unique, on both club and national team levels.
Although the German league might not be the toughest in the World, usually being placed after the Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and English Premiership, German clubs like Bayern Munchen or Bayer Leverkusen are always tough competitors.


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