"Michael James Owen"

Michael Owen
Few young players were greeted with so much expectation in England as was Michael Owen on his debut. He was considered a future world class talent even since his teens and he did manage to fill the big shoes that he has been offered, wherever he played.
Unfortunately, a string of annoying injuries reduced his chances of becoming the top player that he was meant to be. This Michael Owen biography will take you through the ups and downs of the striker's career, from youth level to his current club, Newcastle United.
Michael Owen Biography – Youth Days
Owen started playing soccer at Mold Alexandra, a Welsh club, at only 7 years of age. His father persuaded the club's coach to use Michael in a team of 10 year olds and despite his smaller frame, he managed to become the "secret weapon" of the team soon enough, especially since all the other players would underestimate him due to his size and age.
Full name : Michael James Owen
Date of birth : December 14, 1979
Place of birth : Chester, England
Height : 5.8FT - 1.72M
Playing position : Striker

At 11, he was already a star amongst the English soccer world and everyone rushed in to sign him. He had offers from Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool and he eventually settled for the latter, Liverpool offering him the chance to study at the FA's School of Excellence when he was 14 years old.
Michael Owen Biography – Liverpool
In 1996, right after Michael Owen's 17th birthday, he was offered a contract for the senior squad. On his first match in the jersey of Liverpool, he came in as a substitute and scored a goal which overjoyed the young player and would give him confidence for the future. Actually, as he will soon prove, Michael Owen's goals would literally "feed" his hunger for more. The times in which he didn't score, would also mean a downslide in his overall form.
Michael Owen would play with Liverpool for 8 full seasons, winning the League Cup twice (2001 and 2003), the FA Cup once (2001), the UEFA Cup once (2001) and the European Super Cup and Charity Shield in the same year, 2002. He has attained a legendary status amongst the fans, but unfortunately he also built a reputation for himself as being a glass cannon: a lethal player when fit, but also one that is quite fragile physically
Season Club Games Goals
1996–2004 Liverpool 216 118
2004–2005 Real Madrid 34 13
2005–Present Newcastle United 19 8


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