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What does a good soccer player need in order to succeed? Usually it takes a trio of elements for success to root up and for a soccer player, the trio is: skill, constitution and luck. Miroslav Klose is one of the players that always had a bucket-full of each of these elements, reason for which I decided to write this Klose biography.
If you've never heard of a footballer that jumped straight from an amateur team into one of the World's most powerful national teams, read on as this Miroslav Klose biography tells such a story.
Miroslav Klose Biography – Early Career
Brought up in a sportive family, with his mother being a famous handball player for Poland and his father being a footballer, eventually also ending up in the Poland national team, it was expected that the young Miroslav Klose take up on soccer.
Although he was very passionate about the game, he kept on playing at a village team, Blaubach-Diedelkopf, for most of his youth. The team was playing at amateur-level, in the seventh German division and posed no real prospect for any player.

Miroslav Klose Biography – FC Kaiserslautern
At age 20, no one was giving him a chance to play professionally and after spending one year for FC Homburg, he joined the amateur team of FC Kaiserslautern, watching the first team each week, cheering for them like any supporter, from the stands.
Spending a year at the amateur side, he finally drew the eyes of the first team's staff, who gave him a small professional contract. Offered the chance to become a true footballer, Klose only needed one official match to impress the audience with his performance and most of all, his impressive headings.
Quickly winning the first team place, he managed to score 33 goals in 67 matches and was instantly taken to the German national side, which was in dire need of a striker for their World Cup campaign.
So the same footballer playing Sunday soccer for an amateur team a year ago was now a member of the German national side and a few months after his debut, he was announced as a squad member for the upcoming World Cup.
Miroslav Klose Biography – Werder Bremen
After a magnificent World Cup where he scored 5 times for Germany, Klose entered a slight fall, as injuries, coped with a visible lack of form only allowed him to score 7 times in the 2002-2003 season.
Looking to change the locker room atmosphere at FC Kaiserslautern, Klose agreed to a contract from Werder Bremen the following year, where he would soon form an impressive duo with Croatian forward Ivan Klasnic.
In his 3 seasons spent at Werder Bremen so far, he managed to get his top form back, scoring an impressive 53 goals in just 87 matches. He is also a constant player in the Germany national side, where he has a tally of 33 goals in 67 caps, which, although a smaller ratio of goals per game, is still quite impressive.


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