Vidic Eager To Leave For Sunny Spain

Manchester United's defensive rock Nemanja Vidic has lambasted life in Mancunia, claiming it always rains and everybody wants to leave. The 26-year old is also keen on a move to Spain Serbian centre back Nemanja Vidic, 26, has spoken out about his two and a half year ordeal in miserable Manchester, in Russian magazine Football Weekly. In a virulent interview he bemoans the bad weather, the British lifestyle, and states that Manchester United is a stepping stone for him, as he wants to test himself in Spain. In the short time that Vidic has plied his trade at Old Trafford, he has accumulated a commendable array of silverware: back-to-back Premier League titles; the Carling Cup; the Champions League; and back-to-back Community Shields, yet the prospect of winners' medals is not enough to convince Nemanja his future is in the north west of England. "I will never stay to live in England, that's for sure," Vidic is quoted by Setanta Sports as saying. "You only get a brief glimpse of sunlight before it's cloudy again. The winters are mild, but in summer the temperatures seldom go higher than 20C. And it rains, rains, rains." He sees his future away from the club, and in particular in a warmer climate. "I would like to test myself in another top league... Spain. At least there will be no reason to complain about the weather. In England, they say that Manchester is the city of rain. Its main attraction is the timetable at the railway station, where trains leave for other, less rainy cities." Nemanja also bemoaned the British, claiming they are unsociable during the week due to their work-ethic: "It's not only the weather... In Russia and Serbia the people's way of life is similar. In England it's totally different. Here they just don't have time to feel joy." He added: "Throughout the week they work hard. They only talk to people at lunch. Then in the evening they come home and watch the telly, so they can get up early for work the next day." "The only time to meet friends is at weekends, but for football players it's the busiest time. It was much easier for me to adapt to Russia than England. In England I had no one to talk to. The first month was hard. I lived alone in a hotel, which I left only for training. I thought I would go crazy inside those four walls," he concluded. Champions League victors Manchester United face Uefa Cup winners Zenit St Petersburg in the Uefa Super Cup on Friday, both teams will travel to Monaco to take part in the competition.


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