Milan Suits Me!

The Spanish star spoke of all things Italy and revealed that the Rossoneri would be his first choice in the peninsula, as ‘they play the best football’... Milan have been linked with Cesc Fabregas several times in the past and the Spaniard does not hide that a move to Italy’s fashion capital would be attractive, should he decide to quit Arsenal. “I would undoubtedly pick the Rossoneri,” he confessed to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I think they are the Italian side that play the best football. I mean, there are several strong outfits in Serie A, such as Inter, Juventus and Roma, but they seem too much dependent on their star players. “They run into trouble as soon as these are out injured. On the other hand, Milan lean on the group and their organization. I feel this is a winning mentality and a philosophy that I approve of.” Spain were crowned European champions this summer and the 21-year-old buried the winning spot-kick that knocked out Italy in the quarter-finals. “I think we met the Azzurri too early,” he smiled, “I would have preferred to face them in the final. “Either way, I believe Italian fans can be happy: you lifted the World Cup and we just hoisted the European trophy. Do you fancy a swap?”


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