Berlusconi Pause Kaka Discussion Questions

Initially, the future of Kaka in AC Milan on Sunday determined will (7/6/2009) local time. But at last, Silvio Berlusconi decided rewind schedule. Until when? Early last week Berlusconi, the Milan is a big boss, had stated that discussions concerning Real Madrid bid for Kaka will be on Sunday (7/6/2009) local time. News departure to the Madrid medical team as Brazilian Kaka finally confirm if akan really leave the San Siro. However, Berlusconi is now changing the plan. He decided mengudur discussion related to Kaka on Monday (8/6/2009) local time. "I will speak with Riccardo tomorrow night and we will talk over the phone," said Berlusconi on the journalists on the sidelines of the political events such as Channel4 made. "If everything's up to me, so I choose to maintain him. In any situation, no decisions have been made," continued the man who also became prime minister of Italy. If Berlusconi seeks talks backed the transfer Kaka, not so with Barcelona. Los Merengues, as has been previously made, have been sending medical teams to conduct inspections on Kaka who is now still in Brazil. Reuters made, Madrid directly send the medical team, Juan Carlos Hernandez, to check the condition of Kaka. Madrid dokabarkan ready to break the world transfer record with the amount of money to pay Milan 62 million Pounds Sterling (Rp 1.054 trillion). Break the previous record belonging to Zinedine Zidane, have also brought to Madrid from Juventus to the official 46 million Pounds Sterling.


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