Egypt Subjected Italy

Egypt quoting 1-0 victory over Italy, in which victory is a great opportunity for Africa to pass the semi-final assisting Brazil. There are two heroes in the victory of Egypt this fight, that is Mohamaed Homos and goalkeeper Essan el Hadari. Homos become heroes through gol, while El Hadari often make rescue important to maintain the benefits of his team.
Italy is also not behind in the attack. Vincenzo Iaquinta and Giuseppe Rossi was threatening hurdle Essan El Hadari with tendangannya, but can not change the numbers on the board skor.dari. Homos become heroes through with gol, while El Hadari often make rescue important to maintain the benefits of his team. Just 40 minutes in the match score to be changed da Egyptian team in a position that is profitable. Section, Mohamed Homos successful bait welcome Mohamad Aboutrika corner kick with his head and placing the ball to the nets Gianluigi Buffon. Left behind are in a position to make Italy appear more stubborn in the second round. Opportunity opens owned Iaquinta after accepting bait far Danielle de Rossi. However, even though one is dealing with one opponent El Hadari, Juventus striker was not failed to hurdle. In 63 minutes, Andrea Pirlo nearly equate the position with the free kick. But the ball just out of thin gate Egypt. El Hadari makes two important saving some time later. After the dam kick Iaquinta, goalkeeper of Egypt also successfully to block the kick from Riccardo Montolivo in the penalty box. Iaquinta kick in 79 minutes is also successfully be defeated. Italy continues to make the attempt. However, until the end of normal time and five minutes injury time period, the score remained 1-0 survive. With this result, Italy must be satisfied with the stand three figures. Opportunities for them to pass to the semi-final is now the same magnitude with Egypt, the last in the party will face the United States. There are also Italy will face Brazil at the weekend.


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