Meaning Position In Soccer

In football, the position is like a house. There must always be someone in the house. For specific needs, sometimes it must be out of the house. However, each day he must always return to her home. Similarly, the position in football. Does not mean that the back should always be left to the left and behind the other players. Even the players do not always have the right at any time and always be on the right hand side. Discharge of a player's position is called the outside position.
Keep in mind, however, a left back, although sometimes the outside position, but it is the player who most often must be in original position. If not, does not need to have the determination of position dong. Furthermore, the position is a responsibility. Players in the field, like the home guard. Do not have a thief to enter the house while our house is empty we are not awake because we do not currently have in the house. Possible stolen our homes or even burned out The existence of the players on a very important position, especially when teams are enduring (not the ball). Indiscipline in the position of a player, especially the players back, will make freely penetrate enemy defense and to print a score. Basically, a player always play as much as possible in the original position (called the 'on position'). But sometimes, a player is claimed 'out of position' for several reasons, for example, to perform a combination of bait, variations in the attack, and so forth. Combination bait double such as the one two, one two three plus people, they overlap, and so can not does not require mobility, which often require players have to exit from the nest. Similarly, the variations of-attack variation is also important for the attack was so unexpected to be awakened, surprising, and difficult to intercept by the opponent team. However, more needs to be remembered, so claim-a claim has been completed, a player must immediately return to the original position. Become important also to be understood by the team, that when a player is' out of position ', should have the other players while maintaining the position for the left, if this position when it can not be empty (to be harmful or not beneficial if left blank)


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