Barca Win Super Cup

Simply draw against Athletic Bilbao at the Nou Camp could bring Barcelona's degree Spanish Super Cup. But not if it does not appear Barca impressive in every game. To ensure victory, success Barca 3-0 win over Bilbao, Monday (24 / 8). This three-goal advantage La Braugana ensure a 5-1 aggregate lead after the first fight before winning 2-1. With this success means that Barca won four titles in 2009. Previously, three other titles of Spanish Primera Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League. It is not easy to deal with this second action. New Barca can score goals in the second half, through Messi minutes 49 and 67. And goals from young striker Bojan Krkic 72 minutes. Despite losing Athletic class, providing strong resistance in the first round. The intensity of their attacks are often dangerous Barca goal. However, Barca touch in the game more attacking and dominating the midfield, so often endanger Athletic goal. Being a major obstacle for the visitors. Even so, the opportunity had come to the camp through Pablo Orbaiz Athletic minute free-kick 22 pass. This opportunity begins when Carles Puyol against Joseba Exteberria. Lucky shot can still be detained Orbaiz goalkeeper Victor Valdes. Cooperation Thierry Henry and Xavi Hernandez also threatened but again not bearing fruit. So is the new Real Madrid player Zlatan Ibrahimovic through acceleration in the 40th minute. Unfortunately golden opportunity Barca failed to fruition until the end of the first round. In the second half, Messi finally broke the deadlock. Just four minutes of the game running he successfully tricked the goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz. Failure sweeping Ustariz Aldekoaotalora utilized Messi Barca attack. Quickly Argentine player was cut Ustariz movement and scored the first goal for Barca. The remaining 25 minutes of the game, Ustariz kembli fatal mistake. Dani Alves he dropped just inside the penalty box. The referee immediately pointed Velasco Carballo white dots. This decision had protested against the visitors but the referee ignored. Messi is the executor of a penalty, scored his second goal of success. This game has really become a nightmare for Ustariz. Two mistakes happen again. One antisipisi utilized direct Krkic grabbed the ball. Only one player got escort, Krkic Barca complete success. For Barca, this time 12 degrees to the Spanish Super Cup. Length add up to a collection of titles this season Barca.


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