Real Madrid Chosen For Century Club

Real Madrid has been chosen as the best club in the 20th century universal, referring to the International Federation of research results Football History and Statistics (IFFHS). Real Madrid has the acquisition of points that are far better than Juventus, Barcelona, AC Milan and Bayern Munich are filling five major headings. "In recent years, prompted IFFHS clubs, sports journalists and fans to name the club this century by continent, but with a realistic basis, without the numbers that are not realistic and specific interests," the statement published IFFHS. "Ranking published so far based on the acquisition of titles won, or placement, or ranking in the standings in all competitions. Because of the new World Club Ranking entered into force in January 1991, this can not be used to determine the best club of the century." "IFFHS decide the best club in the continent is based pafa followed the game in continental club competition team concerned." Below are the top 10 best clubs Century 20: 1. Real Madrid 563.50 2. Juventus 466.00 3. FC Barcelona 458.00 4. AC Milan 399.75 5. Bayern Munich 399.00 6. Inter Milan 362.00 7. Ajax 332.75 8. Liverpool 300.25 9. Sporting Lisbon 299.00 10. Anderlecht 231.00

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madrid is the best
coz karang peminnya handal handal

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