Ronaldo Praise CR9

Legend of Los Galacticos Real Madrid Ronaldo first spoke about the pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo. In the eyes of these Corinthians veteran players, Ronaldo is now a main confluence of two volumes Galacticos have a high capacity as the best player. Former world's best player was admitted fascinated CR9 playing style. Ronaldo was also honored for no.9 uniforms ever worn while defending Madrid is now passed to the Portuguese players were. "I saw a uniform with number and my name. I think it's great if he wore that uniform. I advised him to show up at the highest level when using it. He's a terrific player, "Ronaldo told AS. Not only Ronaldo who gets the credit. Compatriot Kaka also got his attention. "Kaka my friend and he played with remarkable Madrid." In addition to giving praise, Ronaldo also spoke about the possibility of following the trail of Zinadine Zidane became one of the staff Madrid. "We'll see what happens. Nothing in the plan back to Madrid. I have a great attachment to the club especially itum (Florentino) Perez. But, I am still a player and I do not intend to play with Madrid. "


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