Van Der Sar Decide His fate, December 2009

Edwin van der Sar, goalkeeper for Manchester United (MU) from the Netherlands, said it would take a decision on his future, next December. Van der Sar is now absent from sliding under the MU since undergoing healing injury. Ben Foster replaced, the ambition to replace Van der Sar as the number one goalkeeper for Manchester. Van der Sar repeatedly said he would resign at the top. "I always say this might be my last season," said Van der Sar told Sportweek. "Six months before my contract with Chelsea ended in December 2006, I extend a year, then I extend again the following year," he continued. He also admitted each season is always waiting for the right to retire. But each time the MU fans and was glad he was at Old Trafford, Van der Sar motivated to continue playing. "I know I get older. Maybe this is my last season," he said. "Next December I will explain everything. It's my dilemma," he concluded.


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