Will Ronaldinho's Career Ends In Europe?

Corinthians president Andres Sanchez had come to Europe to meet Ronaldinho. His intentions with AC Milan striker's return to his home. Could Dinho ends career in Europe more quickly? Early season Serie A, AC Milan in a helpless condition. Giornata entering the 6th, the new Milan win two of the seven who had lived fight. Power bang on Milan as to not represent the entire as European giants. Although the actual season is still a long way. Many are thought to lose midfielder Kaka cleverly chose to move to Real Madrid this summer the stock was the reason. The loss of Kaka leaving a hole in the Rossoneri midfield. Load until it was moved to the shoulders of Ronaldinho. Although not actually appear convincing Ronaldinho 2008-2009 season. But the belief Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi and the players who trusted him to find his touch again.


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