Apart Maybe Valencia Villa & Silva

Valencia admitted to the possibility of removing David Villa and David Silva. Even Manchester United reportedly is ready to accommodate one of these Spanish star. Valencia seems difficult to keep his star players in the Mestalla. The financial crisis is shaded El Che, but they are still able to reject the bids came in last summer. However, this time it seems difficult to maintain the Valencia Villa and Silva. Especially big clubs like Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Liverpool have a great interest to get these two players. MU himself seems to be in pole position to get Silva. Especially 'Red Devils' still has a significant amount of funds after they sell Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. Not only the MU, no other clubs closed also get other Valencia star like David Villa. Valencia parties also recognize that this time it will be difficult for them to reject the offer came. "If it's time we were not able to hold anymore, so we have to sell and they (Villa and Silva) would be released," said Director of Sports Valencia, Fernando Gomez as reported by ESPN. "We made tremendous efforts this summer to keep them. But if the economic situation continues like this it will become very serious," continued Gomez. "It will still be a success for us to keep them because there are some high price offered to us," he concluded.


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