Dribbling As One Of The Basic Technique Football

Football is one of the most popular sport in the world. In the game, this sport is played by two opposing groups, each struggling to put the ball into the opponent's goal. Each group was comprised of eleven players, and therefore the group also called teams. Currently development is very fast football game once, it is marked by many football schools are established. The purpose of the football game is each team or teams are trying to control the ball, insert the ball into the opponent's goal as much as possible, and try to break the opponent's attack to protect or maintain his goal was not conceded to the ball. Football game is a team game that requires cooperation among fellow foundation members of the team, as one characteristic of the football game. Basic techniques in a football game there are several kinds, such as ball stop (stop the ball), shooting (kicking the ball into the goal), passing (feed), heading (the ball), and dribbling (dribbling). Particularly in dribbling technique (the ball) players must master the technique well, because the technique is very influential dribbling the football game. Engineering dribbling (dribbling) divided into three kinds: 1. Technique dribbling with turtles inside. 2. Dribbling technique in turtle management (back foot). 3. Dribbling technique with a turtle outside. In addition, the speed of dribbling (dribbling) are needed to support the mastery of technique. Speed is the ability to perform movements that are similar in sequence in the shortest possible time or ability to travel a distance in the shortest possible time.


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