Madrid Finally Fall

Sevilla managed to ruin a perfect record for Real Madrid in the early Spanish Primera Liga season with a 2-1 victory. Sevilla became the first test for Real Madrid after a six-week Spanish Primera Liga without much difficulty. Moreover, Madrid appear to know the success of Barcelona reached the full number of Almeria, the day before. Since the Primera Liga starts, Manolo Jimenez endeavored Sevilla generate confidence that they can compensate for the strength Madrid and Barcelona. In Roman Sanchez Pizjuan, Sunday (4 / 10) evening, a determination is so real. Sevilla able to exploit the power of their wings. Action Jesus Navas from the right sector and Diego Perotti dismantling of the defense often left Madrid. When under attack, midfield duo of Renato and Didier Zokora are able to stem the breakthrough that relies Madrid Guti Hernandez. Jimenez also choose lower former Madrid player, Alvaro Negredo, as a companion Luis Fabiano on the front lines. Seville real threat to fruition in the 34th minute. Perotti cooperation with substitute Fernando Navarro concludes with bait defense stomach to the heart of Madrid. Brief bait is not harmful and Marcelo is ready secured. However, in a split second, Navas came from behind and jumped ahead of Marcelo. Navas header could not be prevented Iker Casillas and the public instantly cheered Sanchez Pizjuan. A minute ago appeared in front of the muddle host the penalty box. Guti had violated Renato from behind and the referee gave a free kick. Not satisfied, Zokora attacked Guti because judge did diving. Perotti come with disapproving atmosphere heats Guti. Remaining players from both teams busy calming their respective associates and the three nerds muddle awarded a yellow card from referee Iturralde Gonzalez. Shortly before the break, the threat of Seville through wing almost to the second goal. Perotti cross was met Renato, who without escorts meant. Chances are 90 percent goal. Fortunately, the ball straight at the foot of Casillas and only produces a corner kick. Two minutes after halftime, again saved Madrid Casillas. Negredo action right from the sector ends with a horizontal bait to face the goal. Perotti meet the ball, but with only a distance of less than two meters, capable mengebloknya Casillas. Salvation is proved vital for a few seconds later, Madrid get a free kick. Guti gave the ball to the Pepe. Without the extra supervision, the Portuguese defender was beat Andres Palop. Madrid got the wind and started to build an attack freely. Kaka, who was seen in the first round, several times to launch a dangerous penetration. Manuel Pellegrini is trying to increase the aggressiveness by entering Gonzalo Higuain for Karim Benzema to appear sluggish. Not to be outdone, Jimenez trusty gun down two consecutive Diego Capel and Frederic Kanoute. Ration of three replacement players had practically been abandoned since entering the 65th minute. A minute ago, negligence Madrid rearguard again creating catastrophe. From a corner kick, Adriano provide feedback to the free-standing Renato without escort right in front of Casillas. This time, Saint Iker was not able to save his goal. Anticipate cross balls still have homework to Pellegrini. Host loot flowing from the two wings. As if Sevilla are just waiting for the next inadvertence of opposing players. The speed quartet Fabiano, Kanoute, Capel, and can not be matched Navas Madrid. Urgency, Pellegrini played bidaknya rest. Rafael van der Vaart signed to replace Mahamadou Diarra, followed Esteban Granero for Guti. These efforts did not yield much. Madrid difficult to get clean chances in front of goal Palop. Sevilla were able to keep the benefits until the final whistle of the match, while providing the first bitterness of defeat this season for Madrid. Sevilla are now successfully matched points gains Madrid in second place Primera Liga standings with a pocketed 15 points from six games. Lineup: Sevilla Palop; Dragutinovic, Squillaci / Navarro (23 '), Adriano, Konko; Zokora, Renato, Perotti / Capel (58'), Navas; Negredo / Kanoute (65 '), Luis Fabiano. Madrid Casillas Pepe, Albiol, Marcelo, Sergio Ramos; M. Diarra / Van der Vaart (73 '), Alonso, Guti / Granero (81'); Kaka, Raul, Benzema / Higuain (53 ')


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