Reaping Messi Contract Criticism

Association of professional soccer players of the world, FIFPro, criticized Barcelona for providing extra-long contract to Lionel Messi. Argentina's star will stay at the Nou Camp until 2016. FIFPro has sent a letter to the European Commission and FIFA are related to the new agreement and declare the contract duration exceeds the regulations set FIFA. "According to the regulations imposed in 2001 on the Commission, the duration of the contract should be between one to five years. A new contract with Barcelona Messi lasted until 2016," said Philippe Piat, President of FIFPro Division Europe, as reported by Marca. Messi the new contract clause includes increased sales, from € 150juta to € 250 million, which was also attacked by FIFPro. "The agreement does not reflect the spirit as stipulated by Fifa regulations," Piat said, adding'll wait for a reply from the European Commission and / or FIFA.


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