Barcelona quickly Mascherano

Ambition does not stop Mascherano brought against the players penburuan front. Barcelona Management really serious in its efforts to get Javier Mascherano from Liverpool. El Barca top brass had already prepared the money £ 20 million in order to bring Mascherano to the Nou Camp Stadium. News of the World proclaimed, Liverpool management does not mind to take off from Argentina's players in the transfer market in January next. Money put up £ 20 million to streamline their plans. Based on the source of the Catalan club, Barcelona continue to monitor the development of stock transfer later in January before deciding to shop players. However, Mascherano remain in the top of the list of players who are hunted. According to sources in the club, wants to hunt Mascherano will not give effect to a number of players who are also being targeted by Barcelona, like Robinho. "Any approach taken to get Mascherano does not give effect to the attention of the new Barcelona striker added. Robinho remains in the top list of attackers who chased the club, "said the source.


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