Best Milan Attack in Europe

Milan votes have the best attacking line in Europe today.In an important match tomorrow, Olympique Marseille coach Didier Deschamps tried a little feel the power of his opponent, Milan. According to the coach who is also former Juventus player, the Milan is a team that has the best attack line in Europe today. "He was looking for balance as well as other coaches. He has the players to focus on attacking, with extraordinary talents.'s Philosophy is to create a lot of Milan's goals, though also be missed in large quantities," said Deschamps in a press conference before the game. "With the talented players who have Milan at the front lines, they could change the outcome of the game whenever they want. Four players who played on the front line is the strongest in Europe," he explained. There were four players who referred Deschamps is Ronaldinho, Alex Pato, Filippo Inzaghi and Marco Borriello. But of those four, Ronaldinho special attention from Marseille's coach. "He has talent. He had questioned his physical condition, but now she successfully helped his team as a whole," said Deschamps.


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