Henry is Now Not Heroes

Not only the Irish public who do not condemn unsporting action carried out Thierry Henry. Even in France he had not even considered a national hero by the fans. "In recent years, Henry has become a national hero. But now, no. What he did was bad and it was obvious he was cheating. He must appear at its best performance in the finals later on if you want to restore his reputation," said one fan from Lyon , Janine Robert, quoted Dailymail. Les Blues Fans others, Dufor Louis, said he saw what was done by Henry that is an act that injures the values of a football game. Henry should be honest and to the referee if he really did handball. "Thierry knows what he should do and should she tell this to the referee. Many of us who watched the game, like the Irish fans, felt that it was a fraud. Thierry should be ashamed of his attitude was," said Dufor. Not only the media condemning the Irish players that Barcelona, the famous French sports daily L'Equipe also thinks the match in the Stade de France was as a nadir in their football history. Although ultimately 'Team of the Rooster' move to South Africa in 2010, but remained in their breakouts were not for the overall team play. Luck was shadowing Raymond Domenech's squad as when they stumbled in the last qualifying round. Now Henry, who is a member of the French squad at the 1998 World Cup and European Cup in 2008 should see how the fate of Ireland who made 'broken heart' because of these actions. Even the recognition of the players will act terpujinya not even that it was not enough to erase the Irishman injured.


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