Henry's Retirement From the League?

After several postponed retirement, Thierry Henry considered it was time he left the team. Striker Thierry Henry regretted not doing praiseworthy because accidentally touched the ball as France against Ireland in the play-off second 2010 World Cup. In the game, he deliberately held the ball so as not to get out. Henry is then fed to the William Gallas who then heading the ball into the goal Ireland. Handball goal assisted Henry to change the position 1-1 and passed into France to the World Cup. The problem, Les Bleus winning 2-1 on aggregate. Henry also helped celebrate the goal. Only, he later regretted. "Honestly, I should not do that. At that time, the situation is difficult to control. The next days, I felt alone," said the Barcelona striker. "Just after I make a confession, the French Football Federation began to strengthen me," he said. The incident was also Henry's desire to accelerate the retirement of the national team. Admittedly, this is not for the first time he was considering retirement. Now he became more convinced to resign immediately. "Yes. This is the first time [I'm considering retiring]. After the 2006 World Cup, I thought about it. But, it's still too early. After the European Cup in 2008, the time is not right. Generation time still need me," explained Henry. The former Arsenal striker looked stricken because becoming a target and eventually got a defense of his colleagues. "Though I have disappointments, but I will not disappoint the country," he said.


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