Who Win Tickets Remaining Nine Champhions League?

This is the scenario team to qualify last 16 of the Champions League this season. Group A Girondins Bordeaux have won a ticket from the ticket allotment of two rounds of 16. One other ticket will still be fought over Juventus and Bayern Munich. But Juventus had the opportunity to be more open, considering the acquisition of their points better than Bayern. Requirements to qualify, must be able to conquer Juventus on Matchday fifth Bordeaux. With these results, whatever the result against Maccabi Haifa Bayern will have no effect. As for Bayern, to escape, they need two wins, also defeated Juventus on Matchday five. Group B One ticket has become the property of Manchester United and one other tickets will be fought over VfL Wolfsburg and CSKA Moscow. Determining who is entitled to reach one ticket will be determined on Matchday fifth in Russia in two weeks, where CSKA and Wolfsburg will face each other with each other. Wolfsburg needed only a draw to get these tickets, while CSKA took the victory in their remaining two parties. Group C In this group, four teams still have a chance of more or less the same to get to the knockout phase. Victory will be set in stone for the four teams to be able to secure their opportunities. Matchday Matchday fifth to the determination. If Real Madrid and Milan can win, then they are entitled to step into the round of 16. If you fail to achieve victory, the sixth Matchday which will be proof of the four club, Olympique Marseille and ditambahn FC Zurich, the right passes to the next round. Group D Competition for the fight of two tickets in this group was over. Chelsea and Porto became the winner of two tickets and two teams will compete only competing in two championship standings last Matchday. Group E One ticket has become the property of Olympique Lyon, while Fiorentina and Liverpool still have to compete for one last ticket. It's just that Fiorentina have a greater chance. Victory in the fifth Matchday Fiorentina will ensure the phase-step fall. While Liverpool needed two victories with a little hope Fiorentina on Matchday fifth defeat. Group F Competition in Group F will still run exclaimed. Four teams will certainly still Matchday nudged each other until the fifth, considering Inter, Rubin Kazan, Barcelona and Dynamo Kiev still has almost the same chance to escape. Victory in two final fight will be a defining who is entitled to receive two tickets to the knockout phase of the Champions League this season. Group G Sevilla became one representative of the group G which will appear in the round of 16. There was one other place will still be contested three clubs, namely Unirea Urzicerni, VfB Stuttgart and Rangers. Unirea need one more victory to catch up with Sevilla, while VfB Stuttgart and Rangers must win two of their fight. The problem is, both teams will fight each other in the fifth Matchday two weeks away. Group H Arsenal had their foot into the knockout phase, thanks to their collection of ten numbers. While one another quota will still be hunted Olympiakos and Standard Liege. Olympiakos need two more victories to be there for Arsenal to 16 large round, as well as Liege. The difference, Liege bit hung up on the Arsenal and Olympiakos AZ for the trip.


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The UEFA Champions League (usually referred to as simply the Champions League or historically as the European Cup) is an annual Association football cup competition organised by UEFA since 1955 for the top football clubs in Europe. It is the most prestigious club trophy in the world.

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