The Best Goals FIFA 2009 Version

Despite failing to maintain the status of the world's best player, Cristiano Ronaldo can still come home with head held high because he scored the best version of FIFA 2009. While Martha back to the best of womankind. Apart from giving the award for best player as well as male and female teams selected in 2009, FIFA also gave a high appreciation of the goals that occur in a year back. After the previous dikerucutkan to 10 goals, Ronaldo broke the action FC Porto goalkeeper is considered as the best. CR9, or CR7, when it was still Manchester United's defending had to pay a visit to Porto in the 16th round Second leg of the Champions League. After playing 2-2 at Old Trafford, 'Red Devils' need to win to be able to move into the semifinals. The game has been running for six minutes when Ronaldo dribbles from midfield and kick off distant thunder from outside the penalty box. The ball that led to the upper right corner of the goal keeper failed driven host. Won 1-0, Manchester United qualified for the semis with a 3-2 advantage. Goal is defeated several other ciamik goals made throughout the world. One of them is a somersault kick goal Emmanuel Adebayor to Villarreal in the Champions League quarterfinals, also volley without seeing Fernando Torres on goal in Blackburn Rovers English League. In contrast to the status of the world's best players are selected by the captain and coach, award the best goals, or officially known as the trophy Frenc Puskás, determined based on voting conducted the official FIFA site visitors. If Messi managed to become the best player in 2009, the Martha meraihn the same success after he was selected as the best female footballer in 2009. Amazingly again, this is the fourth successive time for Brazilian football player received the recognition. Another award was given FIFA Fair Play Award which falls on the late Sir Bobby Robson. English football legend was close to 79 years of age from cancer had attacked her on July 31, 2009 then.


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