CR9 Fastest Footballer In The World

In addition if the ball skills of a good, Cristiano Ronaldo was also known as speed. Status as the fastest footballer in the world is now validated by a study conducted in Germany. Efforts to measure the speed of sprint football player who performed in Germany supported by the magazine Der Spiegel. And the result is adalahn Ronaldo's name in the top position. Mentioned that the speed of running Real Madrid winger touched rate 33.9 km / hour. This figure is the average when he took the ball and still be in pressure opposing player. Thus Marca reported. Ronaldo thin lead over Arjen Robben, who was sitting in second position with a sprint speed reaches 32.9 km / hour. While the top three and four English players occupied the duo Theo Walcott and Wayne Rooney with each record 32.7 km / h and 32.6 km / hour. Last occupants at number five is the Dutch attacking midfielder who is now in uniform Arsenal, Robin van Persie. Speed that can be taken RVP was 32.1 km / hour. A little surprising is the absence of a Lionel Messi in the list of the top five. And all this time Barcelona star was also known to have a speed above the average. Marca called if the high-speed sprints Ronaldo because the chance to train with the fastest man, Usain Bolt. CR9 could still increase even if the pace continues belatih with world record holder is 100 meters. In comparison, the gold medal in the Olympic 100m number 2008, Bolt kecapatan is 37.1516 km / hr.


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