'Torres Best Striker in the World'

Liverpool - Fernando Torres had just carve his name in gold ink in the history books with his goal Liverpool to Aston Villa goal. High praise was given Steven Gerrard who called Torres the best striker in the world. Counter-action between Liverpool Villa at Villa Park on Wednesday (30/12/2009) WIT dawn, seemed about to end with a score draw. But the game was not really completed until the referee blew the long whistle. At minute 93, the back-line error Villa made the ball roll into the area of their defense. Torres swiftly after the ball and sent it past Brad Friedel obstacles that try to close the space. The skin round the pole lodged far, the position has changed so 1-0 to Liverpool. Score endure to the end. Torres goal was not just give away three precious points for 'The Red' who are trying to catch the final standings four positions, but also provides a special Raihan for the attacker from Spain. With a grain of this goal, Torres officially became the fastest player that makes Liverpool 50 goals in the league. Torres just need to do 72 performances, more quickly than other Livepool legendary striker Ian Rush kinds (84 parties), Robbie Fowler (88 parties) and Michael Owen (98 parties). "You do have to try to (minutes) late. And when you have a player like him (Torres) in the team, you know there is always a chance to do it," Gerrard said as quoted by the Guardian. Everyone knew when he was in performance, he is the best in the world. We want it for many years to come. We need a goal-goal to take us to the big four positions, "added the Liverpool captain. Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez also gave praise to Torres though not as high as that given Gerrard. "To me, you can not say 'This is the best player in the world'. He is one of the best because there are many good players in Europe." "But I was very lucky manager because it's got some very good striker and Fernando is one of them. I think (breaking the record) mean we've recruited a very good player with a good mentality and quality," said Benitez. Torres is his own achievements may be more impressive because it is achieved when he was not in the best condition. Before kick-off Benitez admitted that his players had trouble with his ankle. "Tonight you can see it is an opportunity and he can make goals," Benitez straightforward. Big Ten fastest printer in 50 League Goals for Liverpool: Number of appearances-Name Fernando Torres 72 80 Sam Raybould 80 Albert Stubbins 81 Roger Hunt 82 Jack Parkinson 83 John Aldridge 84 Ian Rush 88 Robbie Fowler 90 Gordon Hodgson 98 Harry Chambers


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