Ten Players Who Look At Payer 2010 African Cup

You probably already know the two brothers Toure, Kolo and Yaya, or Samuel Eto'o, Didier Drogba, Frederic Kanoute and Obafemi Martins. It was a few players from a number of African players who achieve success in Europe. However, players other than the above, still a lot of pearls scattered in the Black Continent. And starting next week, it would appear almost simultaneously. Of the hundreds of players who show off, there are ten players that their work may be worth GOAL.com refer the reader. They include: 1. Moumoiuni Dagano - Burkina Faso Topskor player is 2010 World Cup qualifying African zone. He played for Al Khor, and had expressed a desire to play in European competitions. However, no such luck fate Eto'o, Drogba or even Kanoute. Even so, it does not mean 29-year-old player did not perform. The proof is its ability to break down the opponent's goal over and over again, which makes the CAF topskor zone for World Cup 2010 qualifier. 2. Mohammed Zidan - Egypt These players have shown garangnya appearance in mid-2009 Confederations Cup. In Egypt, he masterminded a team game, because it served as a creative midfielder, aka playmaker. Egypt success or failure will be determined by the grazing player with Borussia Dortmund this. 3. Jacob Mulenga - Zambia Zambia is a mainstay in the sector. His ability is also a mainstay for FC Utrecht, Holland Eredivisie teams. Have good capabilities in competing visions and final settlement. 4. Cinedu Obasi - Nigeria TSG Hoffenheim's striker has pace, kicking hard and playing techniques are capable. Obasi also briefly referred to as one of the best players currently owned by Nigeria. 5. Madjid Bougherra - Algeria Rangers got booed when carrying this player from Charlton, but the player who occupies a central defender heading it shows his ability worth 2.5 million pounds valued by the Scottish club. Boghuerra also had signed the nomination list of the best players of Algeria in 2009. 6. Karim Matmour - Algeria Shown as a midfield general, both at club level with Borussia Moenchengladbach, and at the international level with Aljaair. Not a few who later called Matmour will be one of the players who will shine at the 2010 African Nations Cup. 7. Gervinho - Ivory Coast This player is quite popular in the French Ligue 1, Lille, especially by fans. So far, 11 goals already printed, which put him as one of the filler board topskor Ligue 1. Not a few who believe performance will continue Gervinho nicely with the ivory coast in 2010 African Nations Cup. 8. Elias Palembe - Mozambique This player played for Mamelodi Sundowns in South Africa competition. Palembe dalah versatile player, especially in terms of attack. He filled several positions such as winger, attacking midfielder, striker, second layer to the main bomber. Has advantages over hard kick. 9. Msakni Youssef - Tunisia Did not have much experience on the national team level, but not a few who predict if he will become the most shining young star on the 2010 African Nations Cup. If you can show off, it is not impossible he will be hunted by many European giants next season. 10. Cheik Ismael Tiote - Côte d'Ivoire 23-year-old player was described as "a player who never stopped to running, and always hungry to see something happening on the field". Currently he plays for FC Twente, and became one of the most anticipated defensive midfielders appearance.


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