Affair Scandal 10 Most Steals The Football Attention

If the sport of golf, Tiger Woods stole the attention of the public with the affairs scandal recently, in football, John Terry became the main actor. England national team captain and Chelsea had become the public spotlight after the affair with Vanessa smell Perroncel widespread public and to audiences. The impact of the scandal, John Terry until removed from his post as England captain. 1. David Beckham and Rebbeca Loos Beckham had referred to as a role model player, both in the field to one outside the field. But that does not mean he never made a mistake. He had reportedly had an affair with Rebecca Loos, his personal secretary. Rebecca's affair was revealed to the media. He admitted during the four months of hot affair with Beckham. He even called the British player and AC Milan were very skilled in bed. Victoria Beckham deny the occurrence of this affair, while Beckham did not speak much. 2. Wayne Rooney and Charlotte What did Rooney nyeleneh enough. In 2004, he was having an affair with a waitress at the house of prostitution. Surprisingly, he chose a woman aged 52 years old, who already has 16 grandchildren. Woman's name, Charlotte. 3. Ronaldo and three transsexual prostitute Former AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid were also showing a very strange behavior. He was cheating on her boyfriend who is also a model with a transsexual. Unmitigated, number three. It is said that Ronaldo had to know if the three 'women' who was dating a man after he arrived at the hotel. Ronaldo himself frustrated because first love was robbed by a herd of these transsexual. 4. Ashley Cole Had a girlfriend who entered in the list of the most beautiful woman in a man famous magazine, not Cheryl Tweedy Ashley Cole made satisfied. He had decided to nyeleweng with a 22-year-old girl. 5. Dwight Yorke and Mark Bosnich Two former Manchester United player was nyeleneh action. Not only cheating on their partner, but also a public stir in England by party orgy with four women, in which the party was immortalized in a video. Yorke himself immediately remove the video, but who find the video directly publish to the world. 6. Stan Collymore and rocking cars What does Stan Collymore did not fall into the category of infidelity, but the public attention because it involves sex scandal Remember Me. Former Liverpool striker and Aston Villa are reported frequently in the bed scene in a car with a couple of dates. Collymore admitted to reporters in disguise. 7. Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand and Kieron Dyer All three players were venting their frustration for not taking part in the 2000 European Cup with England with partying orgy and filmed it all. Women who dibooking eventually sold the story to the British media. 8. Sven Goran Eriksson and Faria Alam The scandal of this affair is one of the world famous soccer. British public strongly condemn this scandal because Sven Eriksson is still involved when dealing with English national team. 9. Martin Edwards, the president of Manchester United People who once served as the most respected people in the Manchester United were known peeping in the ladies. 10. Andy Goram The former Scotland national team goalie stole the public's attention. Not only because of their sexual behavior, but also a lot of things. Noted he had impregnated his girlfriend when engaged, to an affair with actress porn movies, have intercourse with a 17-year-old girl and have sex with Olga Orbs, a famous woman with chest size 38D reach. Wow!


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