Milan Needs Diego Alves

Kiper Almeria itu dikabarkan menjadi bidikan Milan untuk sektor penjaga gawang di bursa transfer musim panas. Improvement plan continues strived to Milan next season, with one of the ways to take is to bring new players. For the sector goalkeeper Diego Alves became a goalie who fill the top list to be brought. Reported to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan are ready to bring Almeria's goalkeeper in the summer by relying on the Brazilian connection. Alves has a contract until 2012, including buy-out clause in a contract worth 15 million euros. However, Milan will get the predicted 24-year-old player with a cheaper price in the summer. But Milan is not alone. Real Madrid also want Alves, to replace Jerzy Dudek. However, Milan are in a better position to get it because there is no guarantee the main place, followed diperpanjangnya not Nelson Dida contract, which ends this season.


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