10 The model's hair Most Crazy Dlam World Cup

World Cup presents the ten most ridiculous haircut in the history of world football. Interestingly, David Beckham was not included in the following list ... 10. Bruno Metsu (2002) No one knows how it would be the American singer Michael Bolton got a job as national team manager Senegal. We all would have a wide smile and laugh to see the manager able to beat France in the opening match World Cup 2002. Senegal proved that time manager, Bruno Metsu, who has a hair style is very similar to Bolton. 9. Team Romania (1998) Romanian national team squad at the World Cup appearance in 1998 has a very quirky hair, especially when they face Tunisia. All players, even including coach Anghel Iordanescu, had hair golden brown. A British football expert, Jimmy Hill, had said that the Romanian national team looks like it definitely will help the men Gheorghe Hagi to support each other's success. Hill's statement had made David Ginola was laughing so hard to see the humor appearance Romanian troops. Unfortunately, in the next game, Romania removed by Croatia. This fact proves that blondes do not always give pleasure. 8. Makanaky & Cyril Chris Waddle (1990) An interesting incident occurred in the quarter-finals of 1990 World Cup between England and Cameroon. Because, competition not only in football matters, but also in terms of hair styles. Kimbal haircut Cyril Makanaky Cameroon players compete with the long hair England player Chris Waddle. But, English was a pass to the semi-finals, despite losing to then West Germany. 7. Ferenc Puskás (1954) Puskás has a sleek hair style and towards the rear. He also has a remarkable effect on the 1954 World Cup. He reportedly inspired the character Michael Douglas in "Wall Street", after the next two decades. 6. Christian Ziege (2002) Christian Ziege appeared with unique hairstyles while strengthening Germany in the 2010 World Cup. He makes the hair straight line in the middle of his head with German flag painted. 5. Jairzinho (1974) There are many hair style ala negro in a few years old then. But, nothing better than Jairzinho owned hair. Hair style Brazilian player was much influenced by the movie 'Shaft'. 4. Peter Disztl (1986) Hungarian goalkeeper was performed at the 1986 Mexico World Cup. He has a hairstyle tousled loose with a bowl of thick and messy. Peter Disztl appearance could make a child frightened. 3. Ronaldo (2002) Ronaldo has a hair style that is not less unique than Ziege. Ronaldo made a "small island" on the front of the head. Many people consider hair style that Brazilian players look ridiculous. But, he actually appeared amaze and bring Brazilian World Cup which took place in 2002 Japan-South Korea. 2. Roberto Baggio (1994) Roberto Baggio famous cowlick hair style thick towering down as strengthening Italy's World Cup USA 1994. Unfortunately, he failed to carry his team won championship since losing on penalties to Brazil in the final. 1. Carlos Valderrama (1990, 1994, 1998) This is the most ridiculous hair style. Valderrama also appeared in three World Cup with the same hair appearance. Colombian origin players had frizzy hair style that expands to the top and look frizzy. Interestingly, such a hair style, combined with a black mustache and thick. Because it's so famous for his hair style, he has made a material worthy of gold as high as 22 feet in his hometown.


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