FIFA Ranking: Italy & Germany Down, Portugal Dashed Rise

From FIFA's rankings released Wednesday (31.3.2010), Italy and Germany each slipped one rank. While Portugal increased two levels. As detiksport quotes from FIFA's official website, no changes in the top three. The first ranking FIFA rankings are still occupied by Spain. Brazil and the Netherlands follow La Furia Roja behind. Surge experienced by Portugal. State footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was up two levels and is now sitting to rank fourth. Meanwhile, Italy, Germany, and England slipped one level. Azzurri there on the steps of the fifth and sixth place Der Panzer. France and England to swap places. France was first in the seventh position down to eighth. Position and then evicted the British. FIFA Ranking as of March 31, 2010 1 Spain 2 Brazil 3 Dutch 4 Portugal 5 Italy 6 Germany 7 UK 8 France 9 Argentina 10 Croatia


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