Penalty Kick 10 Most Historic

1) Antonin Panenka - Czechoslovakia - West Germany - 1976 You have to see for yourself, and comment on it. People judge the goal was incredible, brilliant and sensational. 2) Johan Cruyff - Ajax - Helmond Sports - 1982 Johan Cruyff's goals reportedly element experiment, which then replicated leh Pires and Henry a few years ago. 3) Zinedine Zidane - France - Italy - 2006 Gianluigi Buffon swindled by the French maestro. Penalty goal was very classy, with menchip and put the ball in slow tempo. Goal is already making Italy's goalkeeper die step. 4) Fan Nekat Russia - FC Saturn - Spartak Moscow - 2009 Funny, a fan entered the field and took the penalty which should have kicked her, and GOL. 5) Diego Maradona - Argentina - Italy - World Cup 1990 Before the game between the two teams, Maradona melaukan provocation by asking fans of Naples in Naples for more support than the Italians in Argentina World Cup. That did not happen, and Maradona makes things worse for Italy on penalty kicks. 6) Robert Pires & Thierry Henry - Arsenal - Man City - 2006 Trying to imitate the style Johan Cruyff, namely the 'connect' blah Pires penalty for continued Henry. Reportedly, Danny Mills was furious with the penalty action. 7) Eric Cantona - Manchester United - Arsenal - 1993 David Seaman was tricked and humiliated Cantona in this game, when the two teams met in the event charity shield. 8) Pavol Durica OG - Hungary - Debrecni - 2008 This somewhat bizarre goal. In Hungary the Hungarian Cup got a penalty sanctions. Goalkeepers have actually acting nice to save a ball that kicked an opposing player, but still conceded a spectacularly after Pavol Durica kick into his own net. It seems that Hungary defender to sweep the ball away from goal, but his intention was accomplished and even hurt his own team. Some time later, his contract terminated by the club. 9) Stuart Pearce - England - Spain - European Championship 1996 He advanced to the executor after the shadow of failure to take a penalty in the Italy 1990 World Cup was obviously made an impression on his mind. In the momentum he's managed to maximize the opportunities they had, and did celebrate like a shaman who was cast out evil spirits that made him fail to execute the penalty of six years earlier. Pearce continued successful penalty in the semi-finals, when England face Germany. 10) Diana Ross - United States 1994 - Opening Session Yup, the pop star divanya United States that participate in the show showing his ability kicked penalties. Want to know the process? See for yourself.


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