FIFA Ranking: Spain Altered by Brazil

Less two month before the World Cup began, there was a shift in the top FIFA rankings. Spain is in the last few months sitting in there altered by Brazil. The success of Brazil sat back in the top of FIFA rankings round out the five-month period of the domination of Team Matador. La Roja own Furi need not worry too much because they only dropped one rung to the second sequence. While the top three sitting Portugal. This is the highest position ever achieved by these countries. In the back row stood Portugal Netherlands and Italy at number four and five. Despite having a lot of up and down along with Diego Maradona, the Argentine national team just won an increase of two positions. Albiceleste are now perched at number seven ranking FIFA or lose one strip over Germany in sixth place. Improving the position of Argentina makes the English displaced into eight steps. Fulfilled the position of Croatia in 10 large is a sequence of nine and French who occupied the position 10.


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