Forbes Magazine: Beckham, Player With The Highest Earning

Injuries and age are no longer young British players did not make it lose its earnings in a significant amount. David Beckham is still leading the world ranking list as a player with the highest incomes, according to Forbes claimed. 35-year-old player had pocketed $ 40 million per year, where the bulk of its revenue comes from sponsors such as Adidas, Giorgio Armanis and Motorola. "Our list combines salary with an incentive to get players and revenue from sponsors, and then checked and ricek with the club and the data from commercial sponsors and talking to talent scouts and football experts in Europe and the United States," explained Christina Forbes journalist as quoted by AP Settimi . Cristiano Ronaldo has occupied the second rank players with the largest revenues in the Forbes list, with revenue pocketed $ 30 million per year. Additional revenues come from the parties Ronaldo also sponsors like Nike and Coca Cola, as well as Giorgio Armani. Kaka occupied third place with revenues $ 25 million per year. Revenue equal to the acquisition Ronaldinho Kaka. While Thierry Henry is completing a list of five major with an income of $ 24 million per year. While the sixth to ten filled by Lionel Messi, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Steven Gerrard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


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