Milan Needs Van Basten

AC Milan last season failed to convince Marco van Basten for his club's former coach. This time they were rumored to be close to another top former Dutch striker to replace Leonardo. That Leonardo will leave the San Siro at the end of the season is unconfirmed, but a "big possibility". Failure to achieve the Rossoneri in the hands of the Brazilian man was one factor. Another factor is the relationship of Leonardo and club owner Silvio Berlusconi is believed to be not good. Recently Leonardo express something that the mass media interpreted as dissatisfaction with him on the boss. "This year, as a coach I realized something. Just a few people who understand football. Really, very little they can say they understand the sport. But this is not something easily done," he said. Leonardo felt did not have too much independence in the management of technical matters because Berlusconi is known to interfere. That's why he has seemed more enthusiastic about practicing Milan, although a contract still had one more season. In contrast, Berlusconi considers Leonardo's too stubborn. Well, if Leonardo really leave, Van Basten prepared to fill his place. According to the daily Gazzettta dello Sport, although Filippo Galli is still the most realistic candidate, but Berlusconi still hopes to Van Basten. He had approached his 45th year as a successor to Carlo Ancelotti, but Van Basten refused. Leonardo was elected. Now is the time to try again, and who had been targeted by one year of "idle" without the club.


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