True Champions Chelsea

Long competition finally completed the English Premier League. Approximately ten months, the champion titles eventually fall into one of the 20 teams that competed, namely Chelsea. Convincing victory over Wigan Athletic 8-0 at Stamford Bridge on Sunday night became the determining WIB, given before the game was held, the Blues just one point ahead of their nearest rivals, Manchester United, on the standings board. With a far greater pressure on the shoulders of Chelsea's Carlo Ancelotti troops instead play loose and calm. Eight goals without reply was created by six of their players, where three of them accounted for Didier Drogba, who made it as topskor this season with 29 goals. In some corner of Stamford Bridge, the celebration was held by the fans win, even though the game has not been completed. Championship banners were stretched, to assert the dominance of their favorite clubs. One of the writings of the banners said, 'Chelsea, The True Champions'. Berlebihankah? Given the new competition is determined at the last minute competition? For the writer, apparently not. The idea is that Chelsea's performance throughout this season. Since the beginning of the season, teams that receive subvention funds from Roman Abramovich that showed a stable appearance. Completed the first six games with a victory, while the three rivals, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool already dark. Top of the standings even be theirs since the beginning of the season. As a team duel with their main rivals, Chelsea also won full points, either at home or on the opponent's stadium. By Sir Alex Ferguson, United's Gaffer, the moment was considered as critical success can become champions Chelsea for this season. Mental maturity owned Frank Lampard et al also play an important role Chelsea sealed the success of their fourth title in the Premier League. Evidently, the failure in the Champions League, which became their main target this season, and players bekapan personal problems, such as the scandal at John Terry, did not much affect kesolidan team. The absence of African players in January, also did not provide meaningful constraints. Maturity, performance, mental ability of players, plus the ingenuity and discipline that is applied which then makes the Chelsea coach as the best in this season. So, is it appropriate for calling Chelsea the best in this season? Apparently.


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