Primary Competitive Brazil, Spain Descending

Castrol Index released the results of their predictions refer to the results of the first matchday in the World Cup in 2010. Number of surprises in the first matchday of the 2010 World Cup in eight group winners who have made the stock changed again. Spain's defeat and a draw which the British learned a bit much to change the list of eminent champion version Castrol Index. Brazil, which won 2-1 over North Korea, still occupied the main post as a strong candidate for the champion with the percentage of 22.0 percent. But the team that took second place in the list of leading change. If before the first matchday, Spain is the team that occupies that position, now the Netherlands, which won a 2-0 victory over Danish, as the Brazilian trailed team. The percentage chance of 16.2 percent Dutch champions. There is also the Spanish occupied the fourth position under the British, who have won percentage of 10.4 percent, 0.2 percent ahead of Spain. Germany and Argentina complete the top six positions.


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