Latest FIFA Rankings 2010

This is the Latest FIFA Ranking 2010 FIFA announced, Spain continued to rank first enthroned in FIFA world ranking list. Meanwhile, France is now inhabit muddy and ranked 27th. Behind the Dutch have the world champion in 2010, followed by Germany, and South American duo Brazil and Argentina. There are also British who began to show an improvement in the performance of sixth place.
Meanwhile the French continued to decline ranking. 1998 world champion was there on the stairs to the 27th following a series of poor results obtained by Les Bleus in their international party. Of the last nine games, the team Cockerel only won twice. Teams that are now taken care of Laurent Blanc down six ranks from the previous month. This is the worst ranking ever occupied by France since the FIFA rankings were introduced in 1993, beat the 'record' ie previously ranked 25th in April 1998. FIFA World Ranking (as of 15 September 2010) 1-Spain 1824 2-The Netherlands 1663 3-Germany 1490 4-Brazil 1480 5-Argentina 1351 6-UK 1191 7-Uruguay 1182 8-Portugal 1049 9-Egypt 1034 10-Chile 1004


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