Lampard Fun Dating

Frank Lampard was forced to miss playing for a few games because of injury, but apparently he was not too frustrated as shown while watching his team compete. And Lampard Fun Dating from the watching the game
England star is visible and hold memberika attention to his girlfriend, Christine Bleakley, as they watched Chelsea face Arsenal at Stamford Bridge. Lampard appeared several times kissed on the cheek, close and laughing along with his girlfriend throughout the game in progress. Landscape loving it looks totally different from Lampard's father, Frank Senior, who appears to concentrate fully watching the game. Christine has admitted that not so understand the rules of the game of football. "I do not understand the offside rule, but I understand the passion that exist in football," said 31-year-old woman earlier. Even so, the presenter Daybreak was always ready to support his girlfriend while playing. But he seems much more pleased if Lampard also sat with him while watching the game.


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