Liverpool finally officially sold out

Liverpool finally officially sold out, they have come to terms with the businessmen from the United States, John W. Henry, who is also the owner of the leading baseball clubs the Boston Red Sox.
Henry represents NESV (New England Sports Ventures), the holding company which also has ownership rights over the Boston Red Sox baseball club who participated in the MLB (Major League Baseball), he will become the owner of Steven Gerrard cs after this. An official statement has been launched by the club based in Anfield, "Liverpool Football Club today announced that the board of directors has reached an agreement to sell the club to NESV" Then one high-ranking Martin Broughton The Reds added, "I'm happy because we have successfully completed the sales process as a whole." "The council decided to accept the offer because they are considered NESV best meets the criteria we wanted. NESV philosophy is all about winning and they have fully shown that the Red Sox." "We have met them in Boston, London and Liverpool for a few weeks and I am very impressed with what they have achieved and with their vision for Liverpool Football Club. "By removing the debt burden of the acquisition, this offering allows us to focus on investment in the team. I am just disappointed that the owner (Gillett and Hicks) has tried every means to prevent the deal happen and cause us to go through the legal process to complete the sale." However, Reds fans must be patient and note that sales are conditional on the approval of the Premier League, and the resolution of the Board regarding membership disputes and other matters. So with this can be understood that the deal is happening today to sell the club was done without the approval of owners Hicks and Gillett duet, which tend to challenge the deal through the courts. But step two Americans are not popular, because they are not going to stop the transaction if they can not repay their debts worth £ 282 million (Pounds Sterling)


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