Video Real Madrid Vs Levante 8-0

Video Vs Levante . Real Madrid Levante decisively beat his guest with a score very badly, and sealed victory 8-0 in the first leg Copa del Rey.
In Video Real Madri vs Levante 8-0 Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo a hero in this match, both scored a hat-trick, while Mesut Oezil and substitute Pedro Leon scored one goal of complete victory Madrid.
Madrid coach Jose Mourinho was surprisingly lower the eleven best players, including Ronaldo, who was originally questionable to perform. However, Benzema became one who steal the show with aappearances menawannya during the first half . There are no signs of shock from Benzema as he let go a volley wide in the second minute the bait from Ronaldo, Benzema distance but close enough to the goal. But these failures do not affect it, Benzema at last opened the advantage in the sixth minute. Benzema managed to kick off along the ground which can not be anticipated by Gustavo Munua. Benzema turned into a creator four minutes later when he gave a very mature bait to Ronaldo. Portugal players are finally giving feedback to Oezil who then effortlessly conquer Munua. Madrid speed is not reduced and seemed very clear that Mourinho is instructed to forget about a draw in the first leg of this. Xabi Alonso, Benzema and Angel Di Maria has a golden opportunity to double the advantage, while Asier Del Horno to be the only player who directs the ball toward Iker Casillas in the first round. Benzema again showed tajinya, this time in the 32nd minute utilizing fault line behind Levante in anticipation of bait Di Maria, the French player easily scored his second goal and make a position change to 3-0. In the final minutes of the first half Ronaldo had scored the fourth goal for Madrid, the goal was like deja vu from the previous Benzema goals. Marcelo which feed back line failed to anticipate the Levante and not disiakan opportunity by Ronaldo. After playing slow in opening the second half, when Madrid began trengginas minutes showed the number 60. In the 69th minute hat-tricknya Benzema registered with clever use of bait from Di Maria and make position changes to 5-0. Di Maria seems to be creators of the attack and he managed to send feedback that makes Ronaldo can score a goal at minute 72.
Ronaldo managed menyamain Benzema hat-trick in this match by scoring just two minutes time difference from his second goal. Ronaldo utilizing feedback from Benzema and then remove the hard kick that was not able to reach Munua.Pedro Leon substitute successfully complete this evening with the printing of simple goals at the end of the game after work equally well with Alavaro Morata.
The two teams will meet again on January 4, 2011 for the second leg of this match.


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