Video Bayern Munich Vs Inter Milan 2-3

Video Bayern Munich Vs Inter Milan 3-2 Inter Milan and finally finally able to save face Italy in the quarter-finals qualify for the European Champions League this season after a victory over Bayern Munich 3-2 (aggregate 3-3, winning on away goals aggregate) at Allianz Arena Wednesday morning (16 / 3).
Camp host must be surprised at the early minutes of the fight with Samuel Eto'o scored quickly in the 3rd minute. A feed through pass from Goran Pandev into the penalty box well done by a left foot shot Eto'o. Very thin to determine its position offside or not, Inter were 1-0 up and become as strong aggregate 1-1.
Disadvantaged, Bayern as direct injection of enthusiasm and try to get a reply. Their efforts finally bear fruit when the game enters the 21st minute. This goal originated from Julio Cesar's blunder failed to capture the moment with good hard kick from Arjen Robben outside the penalty box. The ball rebounds lead to Mario Gomez who easily menceploskan ball through the goal-kick volley with his back to Inter. Scores were transformed into equally strong Bayern winning 1-1 and 2-1 aggregate.
Ten minutes after the goal, Robben again became inspiration birth of Bayern's second goal. Starting from the movement on the left side and able to pass Cristian Chivu, he was immediately sent the ball into the middle horizontal Inter penalty box. Lucio who tried to cut bait Robben had only made a ball which led to Thomas Müller directly make Julio Cesar was forced to pick up the ball from his goal for the second time. Bayern were leading 2-1 and aggregate turned back 3-1 to widen their advantage. The game continues to show rapid and straightforward Bayern, they were able to dominate the course of action and scored a few opportunities. But the score of 2-1 did not change until halftime.
Substitutions made by Leonardo in the five-minute second-half run, in order to increase the power knocked on La Beneamata. Dejan Stankovic outgoing and incoming Philippe Coutinho. The change that produces results, Inter attack again bertaji. As a result, they were able to equalize and open their chance to qualify for the next round in the 63rd minute. A hard kick Wesley Sneijder is one meter from outside the penalty box leads right into the right corner of the Bayern goal without being able denied Thomas Kraft.
Inter increasingly risen over the goal. They are now replace Bayern dominated the match because of their stamina decreases seen after fighting it out in the first round. This was directly addressed by Louis Van Gaal to draw some of their important players who look down their performance. Robben and van Buyten Daiel drawn out, Hamit Altintop and Holger Badstuber entered in minute 78 and 80. Substitution of this as a blunder for Bayern. Only 2 minutes later before the fight ended, they should be disappointed with Goran Pandev scored. A kick from the right side of the penalty box utilizing feedback Samuel Eto'o unable Kraft pushed over and the score changed to 3-2 victory for Inter.
The score remained unchanged until the referee blew the long whistle Pedro Proenca sign fight was over. These results are passed Inter because of superior away goals aggregate. Italy was nevertheless embarrassed, this time Nerrazzurri capable of being the only representative of them into the quarter-finals this season.


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