Real Madrid vs Barcelona 1-0 Highlights Goal Videos Copa del Rey

Real Madrid vs Barcelona 1-0 Highlights Goal Videos Copa del Rey in which the King's Cup final round match that brings Madrid against Barcelona was held at the Mestalla Stadium, Valencia, Thursday (4/21/2011) morning pm.
Real Madrid vs Barcelona 1-0 Highlights
Overall, Madrid looks more dominated the first half. Madrid's first chance was born in the 11th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo, who ran the kick off the right wing. Unfortunately, hard kick was still able to be anticipated well by the Barca rearguard. Madrid again have the opportunity nine minutes later. Mesut Ozil kick corner kick through the scheme is still not meet the target.
Ronaldo back to get a chance in the 36th minute. Through a quick counter-attack scheme, Mantang Manchester United star had dribbled through the right side and then shoot the ball into the right corner of the Barca goal. However, his shot again be pushed over Jose Manuel Pinto. The first half ended goalless draw.
The game runs more interesting in the second half. The dominance of the game early in the second half retained by Madrid. However, after the 70th minute, Barca instead holding a full course of the game. Catalan giants troops repeatedly pounding the defense of Madrid.
Lionel Messi almost break down the wicket Madrid in the 74th minute. Unfortunately, sontekannya still able to be driven well by Casillas, Two minutes later, turn to David Villa who almost brought Barca. Hard kick after receiving feedback Alves still capable pushed back by Casillas.
Madrid continue to perform to survive and occasionally counterattack. However, counter-attack which they did often troublesome Barca rearguard. Angel Di Maria almost broke into Barca's goal in the final minutes of the match. Ronaldo receiving feedback from scheme counter-attack fast, hard kick Pinto was still able to be saved.
No goal is created until the end of the second 45 minutes. The game then proceeded to extra time round. In the first round of extension of 15 minutes, Barca continued to dominate the attack. Meanwhile, Madrid still rely on the pattern of counter-attack. Ronaldo's return getting a chance early in the extra rounds. Sting from the right side ending with a cross kick. Unfortunately for the Portuguese player, kick wide on the side of a thin mesh Barca.
But right at the minute 103, Ronaldo finally bring Madrid winning 1-0. Angel Di Maria's cross from the left side receives the header hard. Ball towards the far post and could not be reached by Pinto. The ball was lodged in the Barca goal.
Madrid was playing with 10 men after Di Maria getting a second yellow card in minute 120. But, it did not affect much. Soon the long whistle sounded and Madrid came out as the winner of the Copa del Rey.



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