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With soccer being a second religion in the South American country, the Brazil soccer team has a godlike status even since its early days. Throughout its century-long history, the Brazil national soccer team managed to create an aura of invincibility, winning the World Cup 5 times (being the team with the most World Cups by the way) and being in 3 more finals that they eventually lost. It's a bit unfair to crunch up all of the Brazilian soccer team's history in one paragraph, so let's keep going… Early Brazil Soccer Team You might have heard the common pun that says "the Engilsh invented soccer, but the Brazilians perfected it" and ironically it's the English that baptized the Brazilian soccer team in 1914, when England's Exter City FC were up against a joint selection of players from Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, two of Brazil's most important soccer nurseries. Although the Brazil soccer team won its first match against Exter 2-0, its bright future was not yet to spark as internal strife between Rio and Sao Paulo mean that the soccer team of Brazil could not benefit from either of the states' players. This lead to a poor performance in both the 1930 and 1934 World Cups, where Brazil was knocked out very early. In 1938 though, the Brazil World Cup soccer team came on in full force and managed their first medal in the Cup stage, as they won a convincing third place that gave Brazilian fans hope for the future. And that hope was soon converted into results, as in the next World Cup, in 1950 (the 12 year break between World Cups was due to the war and its aftermath), Brazil managed to reach the final, on home ground, but eventually lost to Uruguay 1-2, in a final that Brazilians would later call the "Final Fatidica". Still, it was an improvement for the Brazil World Cup soccer team, as they went 1 round further than before and proved the World that they are a serious contender for the soccer crown in years to come. Brazil Soccer Team – Pele and the Rise to Power With a rather poor performance in 1954 that many attribute to still being under the pressure of the 1950 lost final, it would be the next World Cup until Brazil would play great soccer again. With a rough coach in Vicente Feola, Brazil were drawn into the toughest group, against Austria, England and a very fit USSR team. Despite winning against Austria and drawing against England, Brazil still needed a good result against the Russian side and, being less fit, the Brazilians agreed to throw everything forward on speed, playing 2 young players such as Garrincha or Pele (who was only 17 at this time). This strategy worked and the Brazil soccer team won the match 2-0, after which they marched on past Wales and France in the following stages, eventually reaching the final against hosts Sweden, winning 5-2 and claiming their first real silverware. With a star studded team of young players, lead by Garrincha and Pele, the Brazil national team managed to become champions twice more in a very short period, in 1962 and 1970 after which a slight drop occurred, with Brazil only reaching the semi-finals the following two World Cups.


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