Mexico National Football Team

Despite never winning a major trophy throughout its 80 years of existence, the Mexico soccer team slowly but surely rose to become a serious contender in recent World Cups, as well as in the Copa America. You probably know Mexicans as a passionate, Latin people and this spirit translates into a specific playing style for the Mexico national soccer team. The success that other American countries such as Uruguay, Brazil or Argentina had on the World Cup stage also helped make soccer more popular throughout Mexico, but at the same time, it also gave the Mexican soccer team a certain ambition and desire to win, so that they don't lag behind their neighbors. Just like in Brazil or Argentina, the streets of Mexico started filling with kids kicking soccer balls all year long and it wasn't to be long before these kids would grow up into the legendary Mexican national soccer team players. Players such as Manuel and Felipe Rosas, who played in the Mexico soccer team at the first World Cup in 1930, 1950's Horacio Casarin or Enrique Borja a few years later would give the Mexican national soccer team the feel that they won't go down without a fight, regardless who they were playing against. Mexico Soccer Team – Best Performances - In 1970, the Mexico soccer team played at home and was expected to have a heavy word to say in the final table of the tournament. Although Mexican fans were hoping at least for a final, the Mexico national soccer team failed to go past the quarter finals, which still stands as their best performance so far. They would repeat this performance in 1986, when Mexico hosted their second World Cup ever. After managing to top a group that had the Mexican soccer team playing against Paraguay, Belgium and Iraq, they went on to beat Bulgaria 2-0 in the round of 16 and the Mexican side looked confident and powerful enough to be able to get the big jackpot this second try at home. Unfortunately, they met a solid West Germany team in the quarter finals and despite putting up a great display of physical and mental strength, the Mexican national soccer team lost against the Germans 4-1 on penalties, after the score settled at 0-0in normal time and extra time.


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