Podolski: I Shouldn't Have Signed For Bayern!

Lukas Podolski has admitted to being increasingly concerned that signing for Bayern Munich was a bad career move.Still widely perceived as Germany's golden boy, the young forward had hoped that this season would be different from last, when he had to settle for a near permanent place on the Bayern bench. So far that has not been the case, however. In a recent interview with the 'Bild', the 23-year-old vented his frustration in a manner which makes it hard to argue that his relationship with the club's brass has reached a new low. "I wouldn't have had I known that things were going to turn out like this," was Podolski's frank response when asked whether he still would have signed for Bayern had he been able to foresee what was in store for him in Munich. "I'm not complaining though. I'm just not happy with the situation," he insisted. Bayern director Uli Hoeness recently suggested that the ex 1.FC Koeln star needs a good kick in the butt, to which 'Prince Poldi' responded: "Why would he need to kick my behind? I've barely played at all this season, so it's not like I've been under-performing." When pressed on whether he would consider a move abroad, Podolski replied: "Everything is possible." He added: "I would be a bad footballer if I contented myself by sitting on the bench. "I could tolerate it if it was a case of two or three weeks, but there comes a point when one has to draw the line and say: 'This is too much! I'm not making any progress here.' That's just human nature."


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